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Temporary directories and files for NodeJS

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Simple async wrapper for managing temporary directories and files.


The distribution of this project targets ES2020 and makes use of fs.rm() which was added in NodeJS v14.14.0.


npm install @josh_stern/mktemp


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@josh_stern/mktemp does its best to choose reasonable defaults and relies on NodeJS modules as much as possible to maintain compatibility across systems. It uses fs.mkdtemp for generating unique directories in your system's temp folder (os.tmpdir()).


Generate a unique temporary directory.

import {dir} from '@josh_stern/mktemp';
const myTempDir = await dir();
// Write files to myTempDir.path
await myTempDir.clean();

Options can be provided to add a prefix to the temp dir.

import {dir} from '@josh_stern/mktemp';
const myTempDir = await dir({prefix: 'my-dir'});
// myTempDir.path is now /var/folders/9a/0abc/T/my-dirSBv8Uk or the equivalent for your system
// ...
await myTempDir.clean();


Generates a unique directory and opens a file within.

import {file} from '@josh_stern/mktemp';
const myTempFile = await file();
await myTempFile.handle.writeFile('Hello for now!');
await myTempFile.clean();

Options can be provided to set the file name, mode, flags, etc.

import {file} from '@josh_stern/mktemp';
const myTempFile = await file({name: 'my-file', ext: '.txt'});
// myTempFile.path now ends in 'my-file.txt'
// ...
await myTempFile.clean();

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